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Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 12:25 am

WHen I hear about someone I know, a friend at that, dying. It makes me sad and a little shocked. So young and so much potential in the world. Gone. I think about it and wonder what life was like with that person in the world, having known him, talked and laughed with him. It's not like we were close by any means... but we were connected and now.. that connection is gone..like he's gone... instantaneously erased from earth in one bang... literally...It's like.. it wasn't supposed to be that way.. and it is.. I am glad I live far away.. because i'd have wanted to go to the funeral.. but it's not something I would really need to do right now.. I wish we'd been closer.. I never imagined there was anything wrong... but then I guess.. you never do.

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