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Theivery Corporation....

Oct. 23rd, 2007 | 10:19 pm

Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love.

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(no subject)

Feb. 5th, 2007 | 05:28 pm

Well... well I've been tagged... here goes

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

My 10 Facts:

1. i stay up constantly thinking about all the things i should be doing rather than doing those thigns and get pissed off when i have to do them last minute. This is not with everything... Mostly only school work... i don't know where the break down is

2. I don't give a fuck about proper english semantic or linguistics when typing on the computer via blog, im, or whatever... even email..
I just let my sentences flow..
With periods at the end..
Like so....

3. I can do just about anything... that is done with your hands... knit, sew, paint, draw, write, cook, play musical instrument... I guess you can say my hands are talent whores. i can take almost anything out of a kitchen.. and make dinner out of it... or .. if you buy.. i will make anything you want... that means.. any ethnic origin... i am that bad ass...

4. i put my self in situations with people who live far away... not because I like long distance relationships but because I have pinpointed it down to the awesome fairtale quality of someone putting that much effort towards wanting to be with me cause I am worth that much or.... i have severe commitment issues.. and want to love people... but don't want them to interfere with my own life..
this has been inevitable.. up to this point.. but I am working on that.

5. I always make it a point to find the truth behind both sides of a story... I like to put t he puzzle together in my head about the psychological aspects of each person's mind and where they are coming from. This makes me a very open understanding person... It also places me in situations where friends will hate each other.. but i can still maintain equilibrium of respect from both parties.. although both parties hate each other..

6. i have a happy trail... no you may not see it. there i said it.. bitches.. it gets removed periodically.. The flaw of being italian i suppose.

7. I sleep with no less than 5 pillows... unless they don't fit on my mattress due to moving.. Example: Last bed queen... 5 pillows... now bed.. twin.. 3 pillows... nex tbed king.. 7 pillows...
Gotta make it comfy for the other person ya know?

8. i mix together my over easy eggs with my grits... have always done this since ui was a baby.. and will continue t o eat it till i die.... It's my only staple.. and my favorite food. and then there is sushi

9. i drink scotch... good scotch... not that jb or johnny walker red shit... glenlivet all the way and better.

10. malt balls make me want to vomit... It's the only food i can't eat..

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(no subject)

Jan. 14th, 2007 | 02:34 pm

I knew that you were a truth I'd rather lose than to have never laid beside at all..

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(no subject)

Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 09:10 pm

We can't stop here. This is amandalynn country.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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yes... uh huhu yes

Dec. 15th, 2006 | 07:15 pm

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(no subject)

Oct. 20th, 2006 | 12:01 am
music: deathe cab for cutie- title track

Left uninspired by the crust of railroad earth
that touched the lead to the pages of your manuscript.
I took my thumb off the concrete and saved up all my strength
to hammer pillars for a picket fence.
It wasnt' quite what it seemed: a lack of pleasantries
(my able body isn't what it used to be).
I must admit I was charmed by your advances:
your advantage left me helplessly into you

Talking how the group had begun to splinter
and I could taste your lipstick on the filter...

I tried my best to keep my distance from your dress
but call-response overturns convictions everytime.
My memory cannot recall: a wave of alcohol
we shared a cigarette and shave the hours off.

Talking how the group had begun to splinter
and I could taste your lipstick on the filter...

Lushing with the hallway congregation,
my best judgement signed its resignation.

I rushed this. We moved too fast, and tripped into the guestroom.

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and how

Oct. 18th, 2006 | 07:52 pm

With A Name Like Amandalynn, It Has To Be Good.


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*begin transmission*

Sep. 3rd, 2006 | 08:52 pm

So for anyone who wants to know.. I am doing fuck tons better than I was months ago when i worked at paulimoto's ...
(I am not a server at heart.. hot kitchen heat.. smelly kitchen clothes sharp objects and arms of carnage are the way for me)
i think it's funny how i don't feel quite myself unless I've got burns and cuts from busting it up behind a line in the middle of a rush.. I also am amused at the fact that I think the scars add to my beauty and character.. ( i mean.. chicks with scars are hot right?)
and getting a consistent pay check every 2 weeks and paying bills rocks..

plus I've been working out like a mad person.
I generally try to work out every 6 days.. but sometimes I get so busy it's only 5..
I'd gained some weight through the whole break up last november with zach.... but I've gotten dropped about 25 lbs.. and changed my eating style.. and what not..
* i can now run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes... not too shabby..
and I love fucking running..
i love the exhiliration of it..
I had an aversion to the treadmill for a while.. but i've found that I like to run on the treadmill that faces the window so I can see my breast bounce up and down while I jog...
It looks hot..
So I am tentitively moving backto new orleans in or around the time i finish school here which is july.. but if I can take my last ten week classes online I may do that while I spend the 2 months between graduation getting everything lined up for a smooth transition.. ( ie buying a car with a tow if I don't already have one by then.. finding job.. and apartment.. and getting all my shit packed... so should be fun..
So .. heck yes ..
*end transmission*

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(no subject)

Aug. 6th, 2006 | 01:44 am

I have decided where I live is cool.. but I hate it.. cause the people suck..and although there is no one I can really "relate" to... I am soo looking forward to graduate.. so I can move on..


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(no subject)

Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 12:25 am

WHen I hear about someone I know, a friend at that, dying. It makes me sad and a little shocked. So young and so much potential in the world. Gone. I think about it and wonder what life was like with that person in the world, having known him, talked and laughed with him. It's not like we were close by any means... but we were connected and now.. that connection is gone..like he's gone... instantaneously erased from earth in one bang... literally...It's like.. it wasn't supposed to be that way.. and it is.. I am glad I live far away.. because i'd have wanted to go to the funeral.. but it's not something I would really need to do right now.. I wish we'd been closer.. I never imagined there was anything wrong... but then I guess.. you never do.

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