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*begin transmission*

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Sep. 3rd, 2006 | 08:52 pm

So for anyone who wants to know.. I am doing fuck tons better than I was months ago when i worked at paulimoto's ...
(I am not a server at heart.. hot kitchen heat.. smelly kitchen clothes sharp objects and arms of carnage are the way for me)
i think it's funny how i don't feel quite myself unless I've got burns and cuts from busting it up behind a line in the middle of a rush.. I also am amused at the fact that I think the scars add to my beauty and character.. ( i mean.. chicks with scars are hot right?)
and getting a consistent pay check every 2 weeks and paying bills rocks..

plus I've been working out like a mad person.
I generally try to work out every 6 days.. but sometimes I get so busy it's only 5..
I'd gained some weight through the whole break up last november with zach.... but I've gotten dropped about 25 lbs.. and changed my eating style.. and what not..
* i can now run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes... not too shabby..
and I love fucking running..
i love the exhiliration of it..
I had an aversion to the treadmill for a while.. but i've found that I like to run on the treadmill that faces the window so I can see my breast bounce up and down while I jog...
It looks hot..
So I am tentitively moving backto new orleans in or around the time i finish school here which is july.. but if I can take my last ten week classes online I may do that while I spend the 2 months between graduation getting everything lined up for a smooth transition.. ( ie buying a car with a tow if I don't already have one by then.. finding job.. and apartment.. and getting all my shit packed... so should be fun..
So .. heck yes ..
*end transmission*

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